At Bat 11 At Bat 11 Lite 1.0.2

Follow Major League Baseball on your phone


  • Up-to-date score information
  • Personalize content by team
  • Lots of video content
  • Well organized user interface


  • No in-game pitching/batting stats available

9 At Bat 11 gives you access to all the latest news, scores and information from the Major League Baseball season.

The slick user interface in At Bat 11 opens on the scoreboard, allowing you to flick through the entire season's calendar to check on the results (for Spring Training and the full season). However, the really juicy content is waiting for you on the main menu in At Bat 11.

The News section of At Bat 11 provides you with a feed of the latest headlines from the MLB. Alternatively, you can select a team to view only news relating to them. More news is available in moving picture format from the At Bat 11 video center. Again, this allows you to filter video content by team, or perform a search.

Hit the 'Teams' option in At Bat 11 and you'll be invited to select a team. You'll now be transported to a hub dedicated to that team. The neat, compact design of this page belies the vast amount of information and content available for the team. Not only can you get live score information and previous results, but you can also watch videos, read news, view the team roster, check the schedule, and much more.

The full version of At Bat 11 includes the ability to listen to live radio broadcasts of games, get extended video highlights, and even watch live streaming video of MLB matches, via the MLB.TV subscription service.

If you have any interest at all in Major League Baseball, you should go and install this comprehensive season companion on your phone right away! At Bat 11

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